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Where you’re the celebrity

Al Kabir Town is the place where you can unlock a dashingly different world of entertainment. The latest iMax Cinema with Dolby Atmos surround sound system turns movie watching into a whole new experience. Just grab your favorite drinks with snacks from the food area, sink into the designer recliner and be a part of the onscreen action, to enjoy the most memorable movie night out with your friends and family.


, Al-Kabir Town (Pvt) Ltd.

Look good, feel greater

Make Al Kabir Town your home to choose an active lifestyle. The world-class gym features with the latest equipment and technology to help you stay in perfect shape. Pump up some iron to keep the adrenaline rushing or stretch and flex in aerobics. Meditate and experience the nirvana of ultimate relaxation in special yoga classes. Choose your fitness mantra from our range of fitness regimes under the supervision of internationally qualified and foreign experienced trainers.


, Al-Kabir Town (Pvt) Ltd.

Al Kabir Town Central  Mosque is a blend of traditional Islamic architecture and futuristic facilities including parking, restrooms, ablution area, central air conditioning, ventilation and lighting to evoke a sublime spiritual experience for the worshipers every time they prostrate before Allah the Almighty.


, Al-Kabir Town (Pvt) Ltd.

Shopping, outing, and much more

The Mart is the center of shopping and leisure activities. From daily grocery to high-end fashion brands, the Mart is the place where you can shop your heart out. The roadside cafes and fast-food kiosks top up the perfect shopping experience with great leisure time, with family and friends.


, Al-Kabir Town (Pvt) Ltd.

Unstoppable fun

For fun lovers the Zoo is the place to be. Housing the wild from the jungle, to antelope, monkeys, lizards and reptiles, the Zoo has a range of awe and fear inspiring species. The aviary is home to almost 20+ breeds of fowls and birds including exotic hens, peacocks, turkey, parrots and much more, to amuse children as much as other age groups.


, Al-Kabir Town (Pvt) Ltd.

Savor the flavors of the world

Fine dining, fast food, pizza, continental or just hot and soft drinks, whatever the mood you have, Al Kabir Town is the place to satiate your cravings. This master planned community with its peaceful and green settings is a natural habitat for all kinds of local and multinational eateries and coffee shops. Be it a business lunch, a corporate dinner or just time for a latte or cappuccino, you can enjoy the flavors of food and weather right here at Al Kabir.

Power Generation

, Al-Kabir Town (Pvt) Ltd.

Powering a perfect lifestyle

Like other south Asian countries, Pakistan too is suffering from a severe energy shortfall. In this era of energy crisis when power supply can betray you any moment to spoil your life, you need to choose a home that has continuous power supply.
Al Kabir Town’s well-designed power supply network and backup generators ensure uninterrupted power supply to every household to let you relish every moment of your life in the company of your loved ones.


, Al-Kabir Town (Pvt) Ltd.

World-class healthcare

Al Kabir Town features a state-of-the-art hospital with full-fledged 24/7 emergency and trauma center, OPD, specialized departments, surgical units, labs and blood bank.
Providing quality healthcare not only to the residents of Al Kabir Town but the residents of Lahore, the Hospital has a team of eminent specialists and surgeons who are foreign qualified and globally experienced.

24/7 Security

, Al-Kabir Town (Pvt) Ltd.

Given the latest trends of community lifestyle, security is the top preference for a family vying to live a plush lifestyle. Supported by highly-trained personnel and latest gadgetry including metal and explosive detectors integrated into a central security room, Al Kabir Town Phase II’s flawlessly secured and gated premises guarantee its inhabitants that peace of mind everyone aspires to enjoy these days.

Parks & Center Court Yards

, Al-Kabir Town (Pvt) Ltd.

Greenery is good for health. Al Kabir Town features lush green parks sprawling over huge areas of land. Thick plantation, meticulously manicured flowerbeds, rides and jogging tracks rejuvenate the senses of the visitors by offering fresh oxygen.
The paved and properly lit central courtyards are perfect for family outings, socializing and kids to play around in an absolutely safe environment.

Road Infrastructure

, Al-Kabir Town (Pvt) Ltd.

Al Kabir Town Phase II’s international standard (xx) wide road network has been designed by a team of world renowned town planners to offer efficient connectivity with optimum road safety. Equipped with LED street lamps and traffic signals the smooth and safe road network is one of the best in Lahore.

Electricity (Underground Wiring)

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